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Magnetic Knife Holder in Walnut

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Need knife storage that doesn't hide the blades from view? This holder is made from gorgeous, solid wood that looks good and is truly unique.  Due to their character I list them individually, what is pictured here is what you get.

Lovingly made from select, one of a kind solid walnut plank.  Cracks and knots have been stabilized with epoxy and gold leaf fill.  The bottom and side edges are left rough-sawn as they come from the mill for a little extra character.  Smooth oil-based satin film finish protects well.  Multiple rows of magnets safely hold large and small blades.  Hanging hardware and installation template are included.

- Dimensions: 16"W x 3/4"D x 5"H

- Mounts securely with keyhole slots and and anchored double-headed screws, no worrying about failing adhesive.

- Hanging hardware and installation template are included.

Care information

Should be wiped clean with light soap and water, then promptly hand dried as needed. Water or cleaning solutions should not be left on the surface of wood products. Wood products should never be run through a dishwasher as the heat and detergent will destroy finishes and warp the wood.