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Large Butcher Block in Beech

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Dimensions: 18 x 12 x 1.625"

This solid wood, handmade cutting board is simple, elegant, and will be beautiful in any kitchen for years.  You'll want to keep this out on your countertop to look at regularly.   End grain boards are the superior choice for prepping your meal, made with superior material.  They are sturdier, gentler on blades, and safer for food prep than any other material out there (more details below).

Beech wood has a beautiful grain when left to it's own devices.  So many boards are focused on creating hard, geometric patterns with different materials, but I greatly enjoy the patterns a single, beautiful variety of wood is capable of making.

Each of these boards is made with food safe, waterproof glues, and finished with a healthy dose of food safe mineral oil and wax.  Many cheaply made commercial boards actually have film finishes that can chip off into your food!  These boards won't do that.

This board can be used on either side, perhaps one side for cutting, the other for serving.  You food will look beautiful.

So why spend extra on end grain?

-End grain describes orienting the fibers of the wood in a specific direction so that its most durable side is what creates the surface of the board.  

-End grain boards are gentler on blades and more durable over long periods of use.

-Wood has antimicrobial properties that plastic doesn't.  

-Making end grain boards is more labor and equipment intensive than face or edge grain, which is why they are often priced higher.  But the added durability is well worth the cost, you won't find yourself needing to replace this board with proper care.

Care information

Should be wiped clean with light soap and water, then promptly hand dried as needed. Water or cleaning solutions should not be left on the surface of wood products. Wood products should never be run through a dishwasher as the heat and detergent will destroy finishes and warp the wood.